Happy Diamonds By Xavier Dolan






Because Chopard is caught up in an endless love story with the seventh art, Caroline Scheufele has drawn upon the intersecting perspectives of artists and creators whom she holds in high esteem.

Behind the camera, she chose one of the most gifted directors in the world of contemporary cinema to orchestrate the encounter between Julia Roberts and Happy Diamonds:  Through the prism of his entrancing vision Xavier Dolan has amply succeeded in revealing, the Joie de Vivre inherent to Chopard’s spirit.

The result is a film of great vitality, a veritable marriage of joy and Free Spirit. Muse, director, choreography, music, photography and styling are all elements chosen with coherence and meticulousness to bring to life the dance of these diamonds so dear to the Maison.









A smile that makes everything possible. A sunny energy. Julia Roberts built a top Hollywood career with the greatest directors. Even more importantly, she has embodied an era and shaped authentic contemporary mythologies. No wonder that passionate film-lover Caroline Scheufele asked Julia Roberts to embody the Free Spirit of the Happy Diamonds.









A Cannes Film Festival regular, Xavier Dolan served as Director for the Happy Diamonds campaign. His watchword? Letting go. The singularity of his vision, the poetry of his universe, as well as the intensity with which he captures and expresses the density of his characters’ emotions, all enable him to approach the dancing diamonds with an unprecedentedly free-spirited attitude.

Direct, vibrant and uninhibited, his camera captures the vitality born of the sizzling encounter between Julia Roberts and Happy Diamonds.








The diamonds set their surroundings aglow in one smooth move, conveying a contagious flow of Joie de Vivre. Engaged in a wild pas de deux with Julia Roberts they compose a playful and invigorating dialogue, in which freedom and dance compete for the favours of an enchanting smile. Madly contagious energy: from Happy Diamonds to the observers’ gaze, a whole world lights up and comes to life through a graceful gesture that is at once intimate and powerful.



Close-up of the happy sport watch









Behind this movie lies the inimitable signature of Caroline Scheufele: her eye, her taste, her talent and the confidence she is able to instill in those around her. It was she who  brings the Happy Diamonds to life  in a contemporary design, notably including the Happy Sport watch which she designed in 1993.

Through a magical symbiosis between the talents she assembled in the making of the Happy Diamonds film, Caroline Scheufele has managed to infuse the singular energy enlivening the dancing diamonds, the kind capable of creating kinetic magic inspiring countless other ways of dancing, as well as innumerable new legends waiting to be written and that each woman is free to make their own.







Close-up of Paloma Faith wearing a hat


A rhythm? Electric, voluptuous and all about sidestepping. An irresistible swing that makes you want to get up and dance on the table. Music invoking that song of the world, Upside Down, by Paloma Faith. Together, Julia Roberts and Happy Diamonds interpret the spirit of freedom as a powerful creative impulse drumming to the beat of a life lived to the fullest.


8 small picture illustrating Julia Roberts under severals angles







Close-up of Shayne Laverdière


Over the last 10 years, Shayne Laverdière’s keen gaze has found its way through the intricacies of fashion, portraiture and film sets. When working on Xavier Dolan’s film sets, Shayne has turned his lens towards details invisible to film cameras, transposing the magic of everything that remains off-screen, subtly enhancing the atmosphere. His vision intersects with that of the cinematographer André Turpin, building an iconographic mosaic while at the same time weaving another thread into the story: that of the freeze frame.

The poetic density and narrative power of his photographs have resulted in an enduring collaboration with Xavier Dolan, capturing the intimacy and vibrant grace of fleeting moments on the director’s film sets. The series of images in this Happy Diamonds campaign were shot by Shayne Laverdière under the artistic direction of Xavier Dolan.








Close-up of the stylist Elizabeth Stewart


Revealing the beauty of women through clothing: such is the vocation of celebrity stylist and fashion editor Elizabeth Stewart, who put her keen eye and peerless expertise to work for Julia Roberts in Xavier Dolan’s Happy Diamonds film.

A white blouse whose fluidity offers full freedom of movement, a rust-colored suit that matches the hair of the movie icon, Elizabeth has favored lively fabrics and a line that breathes, clothes that tell a story: that of a world on the move, which is part of the joyful rhythm of Happy Diamonds.