Watches & Wonders 2022: Chopard

The Sound of Eternity


The perfect acoustics of Chopard chiming watches


To mark the 25th anniversary of the L.U.C collection, Chopard is presenting a trio of new chiming watches. These timepieces have undergone a process of adjustment and analysis under the aegis of Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and led by virtuoso cellist and violinist Gautier and Renaud Capuçon. The two brothers are brilliant musicians who have instilled their sensitivity, nuance and emotion into the acoustic fine-tuning of the L.U.C Strike One, L.U.C Full Strike Sapphire and L.U.C Full Strike Tourbillon models.

In 2016, Chopard presented the L.U.C Full Strike model, the Maison‘s first minute repeater watch. The result of more than six years’ work totalling 17,000 hours of development, this watch set the crowning touch to the 20th anniversary of Chopard Manufacture and its commitment to the progress of Fine Watchmaking. Among the many innovations presented in the Full Strike, four of which have been patented, the most radical represented a complete paradigm shift for chiming watches. In all other existing minute repeaters, the sound is generated by a hammer striking metal gongs, which are part of the movement. L.U.C Calibre 08.01-L by Chopard Manufacture goes beyond this with sapphire gongs, separate from the movement and an integral part of the glass topping the dial.




The gongs and glass are machined in a single piece – without any discontinuity, glue, or welding – from a solid block of sapphire. The development of this part alone represents three years of work. The sound generated by the hammer and the gong is transmitted outwards through the largest surface of the watch – the glass – and in a homogeneous medium, thereby guaranteeing ideal conduction. Moreover, this sound is quite literally crystal-clear, since it emanates from pure corundum crystal, the scientific name for sapphire. It is also intense and endowed with unique tonal richness. In 2017, the exceptional innovation of the L.U.C Full Strike timepiece and its unparalleled sound were rewarded with the “Aiguille d’Or” best-in-show award at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.



While the L.U.C. Full Strike watch was a major accomplishment, it did not spell the end of efforts in this field, as Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is particularly attentive to the quality of his watches and their complications. A music lover himself, this close friend of tenor José Carreras is also a perfectionist. However accomplished the L.U.C Full Strike model undoubtedly is, he did not intend to stop there. Chiming watches are the pinnacle of watchmaking, a subtle combination of technique, craftsmanship and emotion. The complexity of their operation is only the first issue at stake, whereas the second more intangible and even more complex one resides in their sound quality. In order to optimise and perpetuate the acoustic richness of the Full Strike’s single-piece gong/sapphire crystal system, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele initiated a new approach.



In 2018, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele attended a concert by violinist Renaud Capuçon at the Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad. The expressive manner in which Capuçon played helped Chopard’s Co-President realise that a minute repeater watch should be thought of as a musical instrument and deliver something more: emotion. Renaud Capuçon is not only one of the virtuosos of his time, but also a specialist in acoustics and sound, just like his brother, cellist Gautier Capuçon. The former plays on a period violin by Guarneri, dating from 1737, the latter on a cello by Matteo Goffriller, a luthier equally renowned in his field. These are instruments whose perfection and uniqueness have stood the test of time, combining technical skills, secret formulae, tricks of the trade and a good deal of mystery.



Karl-Friedrich Scheufele invited Renaud and Gautier Capuçon to participate in elaborating a new limited series of chiming watches. Aided and abetted by the engineers of Chopard Manufacture, the two virtuoso brothers drew on their artistic sensitivity to fine-tune the sound produced by the Chopard-patented sapphire gong/crystal technology. This approach was approved by the Applied Acoustics Laboratory of the Geneva engineering school HEPIA, headed by Professor Romain Boulandet, who created an analytical programme that goes beyond the purely measurable criteria of acoustics (sound intensity, tonal richness, damping factor, etc.) to enter another dimension, that of the sound as perceived by the listener. Purer, longer and more harmonious than that of traditional metal repeater mechanism, the sound produced by Chopard’s sapphire gongs includes that other living vibration – namely of passion.



For the L.U.C collection, this approach proves an essential tool in maintaining homogeneous sound quality over time. Steel, brass and gold are evolving and living materials, despite the slow internal deformations of these metals that are watch industry favourites. However, the watch is built for eternity, and chiming watches even more so in light of all the care lavished on assembling and adjusting them as well as fine-tuning their sound. Sapphire gongs are unalterable, as they are not deformed, do not age and do not expand with heat. They always play the same F and C sharp, thus ensuring that the sound itself remains unchanging. Furthermore, the material from which the Full Strike cases are made, while playing a secondary role compared to the sapphire watch crystal, contribute to ‘colouring’ the sound. After issuing several limited editions in rose or white gold, platinum and even steel, it appeared essential to have an analytical tool that will stand the test of time, individual subjectivity, future maintenance and restoration operations. The overarching aim being to usher Chopard chiming watches into a true state of permanence: one that exempts them from any adjustment.



Thus, the L.U.C Full Strike watch is entering a new phase of its existence. As a highlight of the 25th anniversary celebrations for the L.U.C collection, Chopard is presenting a trio of new complication timepieces using the monobloc sapphire crystal and gong system. The L.U.C Strike One is a 25-piece limited series in ethical rose gold with a guilloché gold dial, which lends a new dimension of elegance to the chime-in-passing function.  The L.U.C Full Strike Sapphire adds a case entirely in transparent sapphire to the striking components already cut from this crystalline material, along with a peerless minute repeater and a five-piece limited edition. Finally, the L.U.C Full Strike Tourbillon accomplishes the feat of integrating a tourbillon within the limited space of a Chopard Manufacture minute repeater calibre. It is produced in a 20-piece rose gold limited edition framing a guilloché gold dial. A spectacular achievement born of an unwavering passion for watchmaking and an uncompromising love of beauty.





L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer


50-piece limited edition in ethical 18-carat yellow gold

An ultra-thin timepiece with an officer-type back cover, in which distinction meets discretion


The new L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer timepiece harbours a wealth of secrets and symbols. On one side, an exceptionally refined 18-carat hand-guilloché dial. On the other, an equally guilloché officer-type back cover that opens to reveal the ultra-thin 3.30 mm L.U.C 96.01-L movement. Thus equipped with the first Chopard Manufacture calibre presented in 1997, endowed with Chopard Twin technology and a 22-carat gold micro-rotor, the L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer model epitomises all the elegance and fine craftsmanship of Chopard Haute Horlogerie. This 50-piece limited edition timepiece featuring a 40 mm-diameter case crafted in ethical 18-carat yellow gold and framing a Forest Green dial is chronometer-certified and bears the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. It adorns the wrist of contemporary gentlemen with both distinction and discretion.

A gentleman’s elegance lies in a subtle blend of delicacy, secrecy and mystery. Reflecting this inherent modesty, the spirit of L.U.C XPS timepieces has always been imbued with a sense of discretion, purity and refinement. With its guilloché dial and its hinged officer-type back cover, the L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer model remains entirely true to this chosen path. The honeycomb motif appearing on the outside of the back cover matches that of the dial, naturally catching the light and capturing the gaze. A closer look reveals the true nature of the L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer watch, when the wearer presses the crown to open the back cover concealing its sapphire crystal case-back. It opens via an ingenious spring system and remains in that position. This same mechanism makes a pleasing click upon closing, thus confirming that the cover is properly locked.



Artistry and ritual

Officer-type back covers served to protect pocket watch glasses, as well as providing space for unique and personalised engravings. With the transition to the wrist, the watch industry no longer had any real need for these precious ‘bonnets’ concealing the ‘engine’, yet the sense of artistry and ritual remained.

The Forest Green dial of the L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer timepiece is crafted on a solid gold base. Its outer section is sunburst satin-brushed and its small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock is finely snailed. A hand-guilloché honeycomb motif adorns the central part, a motif appearing in an enlarged version on the outside of the back cover. This design refers to two key landmarks in the history of Chopard.


A proud engraving heritage

The first marks the creation of the first watch made by Chopard Manufacture, the L.U.C 1860, launched in 1997 and graced with a central hand-guilloché motif. The second dates back to the founding of the Maison by Louis-Ulysse Chopard. Since its creation, and until the 1920s, Chopard laid claim to the symbolism represented by bees. Its watches at the time were all engraved, both on their movements and inside their covers, with a beehive surrounded by bees. When Chopard Manufacture was created in 1996, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele chose to reprise this image by associating it with certain models in the L.U.C collection, thus named in tribute to the Maison founder.

The inside of the back cover protecting the L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer picks up the hand-engraving of the beehive and bees, with the latter appearing in a random manner that ensures each model is truly unique.

The ornamental appeal of these various engravings is underpinned by references to the nature of bees: industrious, honest and modest, all essential contributors to an overall achievement that holds together through cooperation and hard work. The elegance of the L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer model, its perfectly balanced and timeless proportions, and the quality of its craftsmanship confirmed by the Poincon de Genève quality hallmark, all echo the ethical approach that guided its creation.


L.U.C: 25 years of horological excellence

A single press on the crown-integrated pusher of the L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer timepiece is enough to open the hinged back cover, as a pleasing prelude to a fascinating discovery. This slender cover barely changes the volume of the watch which remains a mere 7.7 mm thick, nor its feel on the wrist. It merely serves to conceal – inside the case in ethical 18-carat yellow gold case with its vertical satin-brushed flanks – the ultra-thin L.U.C Calibre 96.01-L. In 1997, this innovative movement gave rise to the L.U.C collection by equipping the yellow gold L.U.C model: the first timepiece by Chopard Manufacture, named “Watch of the Year” at the time of its launch by the Swiss Montres Passion (Uhrenwelt) magazine.

The L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer watch proudly bears the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. This aesthetic and technical certification is approved by an independent authority and governed by a law promulgated by the Canton of Geneva, dictating the conditions of peerless excellence. These criteria apply to the case and the movement, including structural elements, precision and the omnipresence of superlative surface finishing.

The automatic winding of L.U.C Calibre 96.01-L is handled by an engraved micro-rotor in ethical 22-carat gold, whose high inertia optimises its efficiency. It supplies two barrels stacked in accordance with Chopard’s Twin technology and guaranteeing a 65-hour power reserve. These enable L.U.C Calibre 96.01-L to beat with chronometer-certified precision. This level of quality corresponds to a personal requirement laid down by Chopard Co-President, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, who is especially attached to ensuring the chronometer-worthy precision of all L.U.C models with a small seconds display, all certified by the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).





Alpine Eagle Flying Tourbillon


In Lucent Steel A223

The Alpine Eagle collection welcomes its first complication watch to bear the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark thanks to an innovative flying tourbillon movement


With Alpine Eagle, Chopard has created a contemporary sporty-chic collection featuring a pure design and sophisticated mechanics. After a flyback chronograph movement and a high-frequency calibre, Alpine Eagle extends its range of complications with a model equipped with a flying tourbillon. At just 3.30 mm thick, the L.U.C 96.24-L movement stems from developments by Chopard Manufacture. Its advanced characteristics make the Alpine Eagle Flying Tourbillon one of the very few flying tourbillon watches to bear double Chronometer and Poinçon de Genève certification. Featuring a case measuring 41 mm in diameter and an integrated bracelet, it is made entirely in the Maison‘s workshops from Lucent Steel A223, an exclusive, ultra-resistant and remarkably brilliant alloy. A 6 o’clock opening on its textured Aletsch Blue dial reveals a transparent and light tourbillon mechanism that endows the entire creation with its elegantly sophisticated character.

Inspired by a historical Chopard model reinterpreted by three generations of men from the Scheufele family, the Alpine Eagle collection has been constantly enriched since its launch by new innovations. The latest is a flying tourbillon movement developed thanks to the watchmaking expertise of Chopard Manufacture, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021. The introduction of an innovative movement such as L.U.C Calibre 96.24-L within a watch from the Alpine Eagle collection now bears witness to the maturity attained by the Manufacture. The Alpine Eagle Flying Tourbillon model is the first complication watch in the Alpine Eagle collection acknowledged by the prestigious Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark.



An innovative, certified tourbillon in free flight

A flying tourbillon is characterised by the absence of an upper bridge. Since the tourbillon carriage is held only by the lower bridge, it appears to fly, creating an effect of transparency throughout the movement. L.U.C 96.24-L is based on the development of Chopard Manufacture’s first calibre (L.U.C 96.01-L presented in 1997) and is similarly slim, at only 3.30 mm.

This ultra-thin movement made it possible to optimise the size of the Alpine Eagle Flying Tourbillon watch: the case has been reduced to just 8 mm thick, and the flanks and bezel have been trimmed down compared to a classic Alpine Eagle Large model, offering a wider dial aperture. These well-balanced proportions, a signature feature of the collection, endow the timepiece with an elegant and graceful appearance entirely suited to the lightness of the complication.

The L.U.C 96.24-L movement is equipped with a stop-seconds function enabling precise time setting. This precision is certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, evidenced by the “Chronometer” inscription on the dial below the logo.

Among the flying tourbillon watches on the market, those by Chopard are the only ones to receive both Chronometer certification and the prestigious Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. The latter guarantees the fine craftsmanship and smooth operation of the timepieces assembled within the Canton. Stamped on the case-back of the watch, it depicts the city of Geneva’s coat-of-arms composed of a golden key and above all of an eagle: a symbol reminiscent of the original inspiration behind the Alpine Eagle collection.

Thanks to its two stacked barrels based on Chopard Twin technology, the movement guarantees a 65-hour power reserve, and its automatic winding is driven by a 22-carat gold micro-rotor whose density contributes to the slenderness of the movement. Finely crafted by the artisans of the Maison, each of its components is adorned with a Côtes de Genève motif recalling the attention to detail cultivated by Chopard Manufacture.


Aesthetics with a twist

With its pure and assertive design, the Alpine Eagle collection reflects Chopard’s creative richness and visionary spirit as well as drawing inspiration from the power of Nature. The Alpine Eagle Flying Tourbillon model is faithful to this aesthetic: a round case with stylised sides, a crown engraved with the compass rose, a bezel with eight functional screws set at a tangent, a stamped dial featuring deep colours, luminescent indications, and finally a metal bracelet that is particularly comfortable on the wrist.

The Alpine Eagle Flying Tourbillon is made from Lucent Steel A223, an innovative steel alloy developed by Chopard for its anti-allergenic properties, its robustness and its incomparable brilliance obtained through a meticulous re-smelting process.

Its Aletsch Blue dial is finely textured on a solid gold base according to a pattern inspired by the eagle’s iris. Centred on the tourbillon at 6 o’clock, this radiant design highlights the mechanism by emphasising its perfect transparency. The collection’s aesthetic codes are also picked up on the arms of the tourbillon carriage, specially redesigned in the same shape as the gold hands on the dial, while the tourbillon carriage bears the small seconds hand, which has been meticulously coated with SLN X1 by the artisans of the Manufacture.

Chopard’s entire production process is vertically integrated, thus enabling it to make and assemble all the components of its Alpine Eagle collection in-house, from movement through to case and bracelet.





Alpine Eagle XL Chrono


In Lucent Steel A223

High-precision functions and dynamic look


The Alpine Eagle collection of sporty-chic timepieces is introducing its flyback chronograph fitted for the first time with a contemporary rubber strap. The Alpine Eagle XL Chrono in Lucent Steel A223 is available in Aletsch Blue or Pitch Black dial and remains strongly inspired – like the entire collection – by the power of the eagle and the beauty of the Alps. The three patents for its Chopard 03.05-C chronometer-certified movement with flyback function testify to innovations enhancing its accuracy as well as its smooth handling.



A cutting-edge chronograph movement

The Alpine Eagle XL Chrono welcomes two models featuring a sporty and masculine extra-large 44 mm-diameter case forged from Lucent Steel A223, an innovative steel alloy developed by Chopard for its anti-allergenic properties, its robustness and its incomparable brilliance achieved through a meticulous recasting process. The discreet right-hand pushers relating to the chronograph functions are subtly integrated on either side of the crown guards and preserve the collection’s characteristically harmonious shape and symmetry.

Beating at the heart of these two new models, the Chopard 03.05-C movement developed and assembled by the artisans in the Maison’s watchmaking workshops is one of the world’s most innovative chronograph movements. It has a 60-hour power reserve and features an elaborate design guaranteeing accurate adjustments and optimal use of the chronograph functions. Equipped with a column wheel, it is also enhanced by several technical innovations that have earned Chopard three patents stemming from the boldness of its R & D teams.

First of all, it is equipped with a unidirectional gear drive system that prevents energy losses while ensuring rapid winding, a function much appreciated in the inherently energy-hungry chronograph category. In addition, its vertical clutch ensures accurate time-measurement starts. This chronograph calibre is also of the flyback variety, enabling smooth successive timing operations thanks to three pivoting hammers with elastic arms facilitating zero-setting of the counters.

Equipped with a stop-seconds function enabling accurate adjustments of the watch, the Chopard 0.305-C movement is chronometer-certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.


An sporty contemporary bracelet

Already available with an integrated metal bracelet and a leather option, the Alpine Eagle XL Chrono model treats itself to a new look with a rubber strap. The multiple advantages of this material make it an ideal ally for sports chronographs subjected to the most extreme conditions: water-resistant, lastingly reliable, malleable and comfortable to wear, it gives the timepiece a particularly dynamic look. In using rubber, the workshops of the Maison have preserved the elegance and identity of the Alpine Eagle by reprising the shape of the metal-link bracelet – slightly tapering with a raised central cap – that is an integral part of the collection’s DNA. The material is different, while the identity and well-balanced proportions remain signature features of these new contemporary chronographs. Rubber also lends itself to colour, since the strap adapts to the blue or black dial of each of the two new Alpine Eagle XL Chrono models.

Chopard cultivates a longstanding tradition of sporty rubber straps. In 1995, the Maison’s workshops were among the first to adopt this material with its strong creative potential by reproducing the rubber treads of 1960s Dunlop tyres on the straps of its Mille Miglia chronograph collection. This trend that has been continuously nurtured by the Mille Miglia models has since spread widely across the watchmaking scene.


A dial in the eagle’s eye

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Nature, the collection remains loyal to the shade of its dial referring to the Aletsch glacier (the largest in Switzerland) for the blue version; and to the intense blackness of mountain nights when wild Nature reclaims its rights for the Pitch Black dial. The texture and sunburst pattern evoke an eagle’s iris. The seconds hand with its arrow-shaped tip flies over a highly legible display punctuated by snailed counters. The hands and hour-markers are coated with Grade XI Super-LumiNova®, a treatment offering the advantage of retaining the same intensity over the years, while naturally more luminous than traditional Super-LumiNova®.

The tachymeter scale bearing discreet red 100, 160 and 240 graduations appears on the inner bezel ring. It is divided into four steps, with different intervals of 5, 10, 20 or 40 km/h per line. This arrangement facilitates reading the average speed measurements and contributes to the dial’s overall aesthetic dynamic.


Reinterpreting an icon

Devised by three generations of men in the Scheufele family, the Alpine Eagle collection is a modern reinterpretation of the St. Moritz watch, the first horological creation by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele in the late 1970s. With its pure and assertive design, Alpine Eagle enriches this heritage with powerful inspiration drawn from Nature. A round case with stylised flanks; a crown engraved with a compass rose; a bezel with eight functional indexed screws; as well as textured dial with deep hues and luminescent indications: Alpine Eagle embodies impeccable elegance expressed in a resolutely contemporary manner.





Happy Sport Chrono


The chic, ultra-feminine chronograph


A critically acclaimed feminine watchmaking icon regularly interpreted since its creation through a multitude of daring designs, the Happy Sport has been reinvented in a new chronograph version. Sporty by nature and ethical in essence, this daring 40 mm-diameter watch has what it takes to appeal. Its seven dancing diamonds swirl around its elegant dial, framed by case made entirely of ethical 18-carat rose gold or a bi-material version made of stainless steel and ethical 18-carat rose gold. The Happy Sport Chrono is powered by a chronograph movement boasting COSC-certified chronometer precision and endowed with a 54-hour power reserve. It is paired with a blue leather strap that contributes to its chic yet casual appearance.



A complication at the heart of the design

The chronograph is an elegant and sporty complication that naturally resonates with the Happy Sport identity. It made its collection entrance in 1996 and now defines the look of the new Happy Sport Chrono model. On the right-hand side of the case – crafted in either ethical 18-carat rose gold or a bi-material stainless steel and ethical 18-carat rose gold version – the designers have added two distinctive pushers without detracting from the roundness and balance of the collection’s characteristic design.

On the gilded – or silver-toned for the bi-material version – dial featuring a sunburst satin-brushed and guilloché centre, the hours and minutes counters required for the timekeeping functions are likewise harmoniously integrated, with blue transfers ensuring perfect legibility of the information. The same is true of the Super-LumiNova® coating on the hour-markers and hands that ensures the time can be read in the dark. The predominance of gold in this creation is a reminder of the commitment to sustainability upheld by Chopard, which since July 2018 has been using 100% ethical gold in the production of its watches and jewellery.

At the heart of the timepiece beats a precision chronograph movement, certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. Its self-winding mechanism serves to store up a 54-hour power reserve, enough to find the watch keeping perfect time after a long weekend without it.

Matching the blue dial transfers, the blue leather strap makes the watch perfectly comfortable to wear, while emphasising the casual look typical of Happy Sport women.


Happy Sport: a daring and free-spirited creation

Flashback to 1993, when Caroline Scheufele captured the spirit of the era by devising a sports watch based on the unprecedented mingling of steel and diamonds. Happy Sport was born of this bold vision. Since then, it has perpetually celebrated Joie de Vivre and a free-spirited approach daily reinvented by women to conquer the world in which they wish to live and become the woman they aspire to be. Thanks to dancing diamonds that are “happier when they are free” – as Caroline Scheufele’s mother exclaimed when she discovered the first prototype of this novel concept in 1976 – the Happy Sport watch stages a fascinating and perpetually creative show. One in which women play a starring role, since it is their own movements that breathe life into the dancing diamonds and this constantly recomposed scene. A powerful metaphor of the emancipatory momentum women experienced in the 20th century, the collection vividly reflects this vibrant life force and has lent itself to countless transformations ever since its debut.





Happy Sport – 33 mm


In ethical 18-carat rose gold

A talisman of Joie de vivre in a golden gown


Curtains up on the splendour of time as a theatrical performance: Chopard’s iconic Happy Sport timepiece appears in in a golden gown for a majestic dance. Crafted in accordance with the golden ratio embodied in its 33 mm-diameter ethical 18-carat rose gold case, this ultimate embodiment of the sporty-chic trend sweeps five dancing diamonds spinning around its gilded satin-brushed dial in its opulent wake. Fitted with an ethical 18-carat rose gold bracelet, the Happy Sport beats to the rhythm of the Chopard 09.01-C in-house movement and guarantees a 42-hour power reserve.



Happy Sport, a sporty-chic icon

She might be in jeans, perched on stilettos, and have grabbed a trench coat in a hurry as she left the office. She’ll have slipped her pumps into her handbag for an evening at the opera. On her wrist, a fiery flash, a state of mind, a free spirit: her Happy Sport. On her mind: the icons of 90s chic, the era which saw the birth of her cult watch, symbol of a glamorous, multifaceted epoch… Caroline Bessette Kennedy, Kate Moss and Lucy Liu all belong to her iconographic hall of fame, legends who co-wrote the finest hours of sport-chic style with Caroline Scheufele. Their signature? Style and nonchalance. A disregard for formal conventions. In the age of mix and match, of minimalism and pharaonic luxury, anything was possible as long as there was a true style signature. A signature invented by Chopard in 1993 by giving substance to an era through a watch with a revolutionary spirit allowing diamonds to dance across its dial. A first in the codified world of watchmaking, this daring feat was to become a must-have that made history. Adored, envied, and unequalled. On the wrists of style-making women, the Happy Sport has become an icon.


An ethical gold creation

More than just a precious metal, gold conveys the valuable commitment of a family-run Maison handed down from generation to generation. Since 2018, Chopard has become a pioneer in sustainable luxury by committing to using 100% ethical gold in the production of its watches and jewellery. With this new Happy Sport model, ethical 18-carat rose gold flaunts its luminous radiance through a total-look interpretation in which gold reigns supreme, from case to sunray satin-brushed bracelet and from dial to hands. The actors are ready to start the show in this splendid theatre: make way for the dancing diamonds!


Dancing diamonds for a talisman watch

Five dancing diamonds whirl and twirl on the dial, prolonging the joyful moves of the woman wearing the Happy Sport on her wrist. Endless motion and an endless live show where light, elegance and freedom linger. Five diamonds, like the promise of infinite happiness, like a happy omen, a sign of balance.

The dance of the diamonds echoes the flawless proportions of the Happy Sport, whose 33 mm-diameter case is inspired by the rules of the golden ratio and dictated by the size of the Chopard 09.01-C movement with which the collection is equipped. Absolute, unambiguous perfection providing a golden stage for a palette of emotions in perpetual motion. Along with the motto, “Be happy” as a lucky charm!





Happy Sport Métiers d’Art


Three diamond-set eight-piece limited editions in ethical gold

New dancing diamonds enchant  a natural environment worth preserving


Chopard celebrates its love of life through three exceptional watches issued in eight-piece limited editions and honouring three animal species that are well worth preserving. Equipped with Chopard Calibre 96.23-L with its 65-hour power reserve, crafted from ethical gold, magnificently hand-decorated and entirely set with sparkling gems, they are the quintessence of all existing codes of excellence in both watchmaking and jewellery. The impression of depth exuded by their mineral dial graced with multi-dimensional marquetry inlays makes them veritable works of art, fascinating miniature ecosystems representing poetic and stylised worlds that highlight the virtuoso skills of the artisans in Chopard’s workshops. These Happy Sport watches also offer a vision enabled by high-tech innovation serving to completely reinvent the legendary whirl of Happy Diamonds. Featuring shapes individually redesigned for each of these three editions, the animal ‘mobiles’ perform their weightless dance with unprecedented grace and elasticity, adding more life than ever to the show staged on the dials.  

A fragment of eternity on the wrist, interwoven with the major issues of an era; a canvas shaped by an inimitable sense of luminosity and elegance as Chopard presents a majestic new demonstration of its singular sense of aesthetics and ethics through these ultra-exclusive editions of its iconic Happy Sport watch. Three different models, each issued in an eight-piece limited series, raise the art of watchmaking and jewellery to a new pinnacle. The prolific inspiration of Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele highlights her fundamental love of nature and animals as well as Chopard’s ongoing commitment to sustainable development.



A wealth of animals and minerals

Happy Sport Métiers d’Art is a source of joy, a veritable elixir encapsulating the values upheld by Chopard, which is continuing to explore the love of life and nature that has consistently permeated its collections. The hummingbird, the polar bear and the sea turtle are three endangered species whose beauty and different ecosystems are majestically celebrated on each of these three models. Precious and semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl marquetry and gemsetting cast a spell in multi-dimensional layers on the dial and movement of each watch, shaping landscapes of dazzling and mesmerising depth. Framed by a bezel paved with chaton-set diamonds, the dial seems to melt into the light of the precious stones, which in turn spills over onto the likewise full-set 40 mm case.



The hummingbird, the world’s smallest migratory bird, is a benevolent presence featured in numerous legends. Its long beak enables it to extract nourishing and fertilising pollen from rare flowers. However, the destruction of its natural habitat and of the plant species that feed it, and which it in turn helps flourish, makes it particularly vulnerable to climate change and deforestation. The dial of this Happy Sport therefore invites you to immerse yourself in the Amazonian forest and the treasures of floral biodiversity that are essential to its survival. Against a malachite background, four different levels of gold and orange, red and different shades of mother-of-pearl echo the flamboyant chromatic range and stylised shapes of the exquisite hibiscus flower, whose pistil is made of four heart-shaped diamonds. Textured by two types of opal with green and blue iridescence, a hummingbird flits above this ecosystem, surrounded by three heart-shaped dancing diamonds. The bridges and the micro-rotor of Chopard Calibre 96.23-L visible through the case-back pick up the colours, mineral textures and geometrical shapes of the dial.


Sea turtle

Sea turtles gliding through the water with their majestic breadth, marbled shells and proverbial nonchalance are a living memory, since these animals are believed to have inhabited the oceans for 225 million years. Exuding an aura of playful kindness and protected by a cabochon-cut natural aventurine shell, itself set with diamonds, the ingeniously stylised sea turtle coasts gracefully across the dial of the Happy Sport Métiers d’Art watch. Thanks to a new technical process developed by Chopard, the sea turtle and the three pear-shaped dancing diamonds twirl between the two sapphire crystals as if swimming in a miniature aquarium surrounded by the protectively undulating arms of a protective mother-of-pearl and green opal arborescence. The result recreates the fascinating and soothing sight of seabed plant-life, on several levels and with unprecedented visual depth. The mechanical intricacies of the Chopard 96.23-L movement can also be admired through the case-back, amid a splendid setting of green textured mother-of-pearl and opal marquetry. Just 200 years ago, the oceans were home to millions of turtles, but over the past century, their numbers have seen a steep drop due to beach development, climate change and marine pollution. Industrial-scale fishing is however the main danger, and six of the seven remaining species are on the Red List of Threatened species.


Polar bear

Radiating an aura that matches its size, the power of the polar bear is the stuff of legends. This giant mammal, the tallest and broadest bear in the world, is a companion who has always roamed the realms of the collective imagination: its deep voice, as if emerging from aeons past, along with its majestic and solemn figure, are embedded in myths and legends around the world. Once upon a time in the ice kingdom lived a colossus, now so vulnerable to global warming. The ice sheet that is its home is constantly shrinking over the years. It is this entire ecosystem that Chopard depicts on a splendid blue and green opal dial. Textured mother-of-pearl and invisible-set triangle-cut diamonds trace the ice of the Arctic Circle in an extremely graphic manner featuring varied relief effects. Designed around the geometric shape of the triangle, symbolising perfection and unity, the Happy Sport dial spreads out the canvas of this sparkling landscape as a background for the polar bear ‘mobile’ entirely set with diamonds and holding a pear-shaped diamond in its arms, like a shard of ice lit up by a sunbeam. Together with three other triangular-cut dancing diamonds, this gentle polar bear journeys through a miniature ecosystem reinvented by mineral jewellery magic. The Chopard 96.23-L movement visible through the case-back echoes the dial with its mother-of-pearl bridges and its opal and textured mother-of-pearl micro-rotor.


Weightless dancing gems

Allowing diamonds to move free of any constraint between two sapphire crystals, and through this very movement restore the panache of their original brilliance: such is the brilliant idea that has guided the path of Happy Diamonds and forged a veritable legend over the years. Resolutely focused on research, high technology and design, Chopard presents a major innovation in these three new Happy Sport Métiers d’Art timepieces that completely reinvents the Happy Diamonds choreography and endows their movement with unprecedented quality. A perfectly viscous liquid has been developed to accommodate a new tempo for the diamonds moving between the two crystals, enabling them to whirl with the elastic flexibility of weightless motion. Gazing at this sight brings one face to face with a mesmerising, living and constantly recomposed sense of vibrancy, like snowballs from our childhood days when flakes scattered their magic across an enchanted landscape witnessing their gentle trajectory. One need only recall that wonderful moment in mid-air when a dancer performs a jump; those marvellous seconds of weightlessness when the audience holds its breath and the whole universe seems to be suspended from this body. This is exactly the magical movement captured in the new waltz of dancing diamonds, light as air and unaffected by the laws of gravity. The development of this process notably focused on compensating for the variations in temperature and pressure generated by integrating this new liquid between the two sapphire crystals: a technical feat that testifies to Chopard’s formidable vitality in constantly weaving new ties between the preservation of heritage and the spirit of innovation.


An exceptional in-house calibre

An exceptional movement was required to set this splendid theatre of animal and mineral life in motion. At the heart of this case, magnificently decorated by in-house jewellers, beats a mechanical self-winding movement, Chopard 96.23-L. Resulting from the development of the first calibre (L.U.C 96.01-L) presented by Chopard Manufacture in 1997, this latest innovation is equipped with two series-coupled barrels enabling the watch to accumulate a generous 65-hour power reserve thanks to Chopard Twin technology. It is also fitted with a platinum micro-rotor ensuring perfect winding of the barrels while saving space in the case. Adorned with the same gems as the accompanying dial, the movement is revealed through the exhibition back of the ethical 18-carat gold case, thus revealing the exquisite allure and the quintessence of the watchmaking expertise exercised by Chopard’s artisans. Reaping the rewards of the complementary skills and expertise cultivated by the Maison, these Happy Sport timepieces are a perfect blend of the exquisite beauty, precision and legitimacy that Chopard has built up over the decades. The result is an intricate ballet of complex and virtuoso operations that fade into the background, leaving room for all the light, tender poetry of these Happy Sport Métiers d’Art.





IMPERIALE Flying Tourbillon


Eight-piece limited edition in ethical 18-carat white gold

Chopard unites its watchmaking and jewellery skills in  a truly exceptional timepiece


The IMPERIALE collection created in 1994 welcomes its first-ever flying tourbillon movement, L.U.C Calibre 96.24-C. Entirely designed and crafted by Chopard, this exclusive mechanism is one of the only ones on the market bearing both Chronometer-certification and the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. The artisans of the Maison have crafted a magnificent robe to attire the extreme precision of the IMPERIALE Flying Tourbillon. Framed by an ethical 18-carat white gold case set with diamonds, the aventurine dial is ‘embroidered’ with a mother-of-pearl marquetry lotus blossom. Nestling within the latter is a flying tourbillon that is both mesmerising and profoundly touching.

By pushing the limits of the watchmaking and jewellery professions ever further, Chopard has chosen excellence as the signature of its creations. Witness the IMPERIALE Flying Tourbillon, issued in an eight-piece limited edition. “Very few jewellery watches are equipped with self-winding movements”, notes Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele. “Those with a horological complication are even rarer. Our flying tourbillon timepieces are the only ones in this universe to guarantee COSC-certified precision and to be granted the prestigious Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark.”



Absolute precision

Entirely crafted in the Manufacture’s workshops, Chopard’s flying tourbillon was launched in 2019 in the men’s L.U.C Flying T Twin watch. Since then, this tourbillon, known as the “flying” tourbillon because it does not rest on an upper bridge, has also been available in ladies’ limited series. It now benefits from all the technical innovations developed over the last 25 years by Chopard Manufacture. Its remarkable slenderness – at barely 3.30 mm thick for 194 components – ranks it among the thinnest in contemporary Haute Horlogerie. L.U.C Calibre 96.24-C is equipped with a stop-seconds function. This technical feature, which is extremely rare in a tourbillon, enables even more accurate time-setting, and the IMPERIALE Flying Tourbillon is indeed chronometer-certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).

This exceptional watch has earned the Poinçon de Genève, the prestigious hallmark that has been awarded since 1886 in recognition of the highest level of production quality for each component. Just as in Haute Couture, the Poinçon de Genève is the guarantee of virtuoso accomplishments regarding the aesthetics of the calibre as well as the reliability of its operation. Finally, Chopard Twin technology (referring to the two stacked barrels) ensures that the IMPERIALE Flying Tourbillon has a 65-hour power reserve.


Splendid decoration

To highlight this horological prowess, Chopard has called upon all its jewellery-making expertise. “Dedicated to women of character, the IMPERIALE collection exudes an aura of timeless chic”, says Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard. “This watch symbolises technical performance combined with great aesthetic sophistication.”

A tribute to the great historical empires, the style codes of the IMPERIALE collection are reflected in the dagger-shaped hands and the case lugs reminiscent of ancient columns. On the back of the model, a sapphire crystal reveals the Côtes de Genève motif as well as the diamond-paved platinum micro-rotor. From the front, the IMPERIALE Flying Tourbillon reveals unprecedented richness in the treatment of its case. Chopard’s workshops have set the case and lugs in ethical 18-carat white gold with sparkling diamonds. Their brilliance lights up the glittering midnight-blue sky of the aventurine glass dial on which a lotus flower in mother-of-pearl marquetry has blossomed. Its wonderfully curved petals open onto a second flower, this time paved with diamonds. In place of the pistil, the flying tourbillon adorned with four petals also acquires a plant-like allure, thus instilling new poetry into the rotations of its infinitely small mechanism, like a masterful floral symphony of Time…