Longines: Best of 2019

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Longines HydroConquest

A new all-ceramic version broadens the Longines HydroConquest collection

Longines has recently given its HydroConquest line a new brilliance by creating sleek models featuring a bezel embellished with a coloured ceramic insert. Today, the brand goes even further in using this exclusive material with a model entirely made from black ceramic whose dial proudly displays its chemical composition: ZrO2. This highly technical and scratch-resistant material is perfectly suited to the sporty look of the new HydroConquest watch. Its boldness is further heightened by the different finishes of each of its components: a matte dial, a polished case, a round satin bezel and a back blending a circular satin and matte finish.

An iconic representation of the sports watches created by Longines, the HydroConquest collection meets the expectations of those who are drawn to the open sea while remaining true to the elegance of the Swiss watchmaker. Preserving the traditional style of diving watches, the new HydroConquest is inspired by the unique requirements of the sport. Its water resistance to 300 metres, unidirectional rotating bezel, screw-in crown and double security folding clasp are all features that emphasize the style of this timepiece.


The Longines Ledgends Diver Watch

New models join The Longines Legend Diver Watch line

An iconic timepiece in the winged hourglass brand’s Heritage line, The Longines Legend Diver Watch is now available in 36 mm versions. Colourful creations or faithful replicas of the original watch, the new models of The Longines Legend Diver Watch will become the daily companion of women and men in search of authenticity or fans of the vintage look.

A reimagined version of a 1960s diving watch, The Longines Legend Diver Watch features prominently in the brand’s Heritage line. An icon of the Saint-Imier company’s watchmaking and aesthetic know-how, this timepiece is now available in 36 mm models. Longines thus gives rise to a range of new creations that will adorn the wrists of women and men in search of authenticity or fans of the vintage look.

A contemporary watch that is rich in history, The Longines Legend Diver Watch will mark the different rhythms of life elegantly and with distinction.


Conquest V.H.P. 

The Conquest V.H.P. by Longines offers new sporty models

The Conquest V.H.P. represents a new achievement in the field of quartz, combining great precision, high technicality and a sporty look, marked by the brand’s unique elegance. In the true essence of Conquest – the ultimate sports line – the brand now proposes chronographs that bring together all of the qualities of the Conquest V.H.P. movement.

Longines’ history with quartz has been one full of technical innovations and feats. In 1954, the first quartz watch set a precision record at the Neuchâtel Observatory. It would be fitted into the legendary Chronocinégines, an instrument that became a pioneer in the history of timekeeping, as it provided judges with a film strip composed of a series of prints, allowing them to follow the athletes’ movement as they crossed the finish line. In 1969, technological mastery led Longines to reveal the Ultra-Quartz, the first quartz movement designed for wristwatches. A huge stride was made in 1984 with the quartz calibre fitted in the first Conquest V.H.P., setting a precision record for that time.


Conquest Classic

The new Conquest Classic is bold, yet refined

Longines has combined the femininity of materials and dynamic lines to create the new Conquest Classic. Perfectly suited for the women of today, it remains faithful to the brand’s iconic elegance, while offering new dials that mix mother-of-pearl, diamonds and touches of pink.

The Conquest Classic by Longines skillfully combines modernity with the refinement that defines the brand. Elegant and sleek, these latest creations are both resolutely feminine and boldly contemporrary. Designed to set the pace of the modern woman's day, they will delight those who masterfully weave tofether the many facets of their lives.


Conquest Chronograph by Mikaela Shiffrin

The Conquest Chronograph by Mikaela Shiffrin, a Longines Watch inspired by the Alpine Ski Champion

As a privileged partner of the ski world for nearly a century, Longines presents a new variation of its Conquest line, personalised by its Ambassador of Elegance, skier Mikaela Shiffrin.  Like the many slopes she has conquered, the blue aventurine dial of the Conquest Chronograph by Mikaela Shiffrin evokes the glitter of snow crystals, while the dashes of red on the timepiece recall the colours of the American flag, honouring the champion's home country. Offering a subtle blend of performance and elegance, the entire Conquest collection reflects the bond that unites Longines and the world of sports.

Mikaela Shiffrin was eager to bring a touch of her own dynamic and elegant personality to the watch’s design. “When I visited Saint-Imier and discovered the complexity behind these watches, I was delighted to participate in the creation of my own watch,” said the Longines Ambassador of Elegance during the watch’s October 2018 unveiling in Sölden for the opening of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup. “I am proud to lend my name to a Longines timepiece. The Conquest Chronograph by Mikaela Shiffrin reflects my sporting character without compromising its feminine styling.”


The Longines Heritage Military

Breathing new life into a 1940’s model dedicated to the Royal Air Force, Longines has created The Longines Heritage Military

In honour of its rich history, Longines has drawn inspiration from a 1940’s watch model to create The Longines Heritage Military. True to the original lines of a timepiece designed for the British Royal Air Force, this sleek, reimagined watch belongs to a timeless style that has made the winged hourglass brand famous.  To reproduce the original timekeeper’s patina, the dial on the military watch has been hand sprayed with tiny black droplets, making each and every piece unique.

Proud to celebrate its history and achievements, Longines is expanding its Heritage collection with a reimagined military model from the 1940s. The Longines Heritage Military draws its inspiration from a watch created for members of the British Royal Air Force (RAF). Stanley Turner, a highly-decorated radiotelegraph operator aboard an RAF aircraft during the Second World War, wore this model around his wrist. The watch once owned by Mr. Turner was recovered and offered to the Swiss brand by a young English collector, who inspired the current reissue. Thus, Longines is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the RAF in its own way.

The Longines Heritage Military also displays a silver, opaline dial with a subtle mist of fine droplets in black paint. This process, a first for Longines and performed entirely by hand, makes each and every piece unique while mimicking the oxidation found on the original. Despite housing an automatic movement, this timekeeper is the only piece in Longines’ current collections that does not carry the “Automatic” label on its dial in order to preserve the spirit of the 1940s.


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