Blancpain: The Manufacture


Blancpain ceaselessly perfects its watches, while remaining faithful to its centuries-old heritage. This complete mastery of the manufacturing process permits total freedom in the creation of movements, though always abiding by the aesthetic codes of the brand.

Every Blancpain watch is the incarnation of an idea. The strength of the Manufacture lies in its capacity to create timepieces that innovate while respecting Swiss watchmaking tradition. The pursuit of perfection impels Blancpain to the continual improvement of the performance, accuracy and elegance of its watches. We consider innovation to be a motive force and our research and development department is at the heart of it. Perfecting original movements and new complications, often world premières, is a priority for us. Cases, dials and straps are not forgotten by our specialists. Even invisible components, such as springs and screws, are the subject of ongoing research. Every part of a Blancpain watch must be perfect, even those that are hidden from view.

To enable every wearer to express their personality, each model has a case, a strap or bracelet, a dial and hands developed for it by our equipment and design specialists. Their imagination and skill guarantees that each model possesses a unique personality, following the Blancpain tradition. Although every watch is unique, they all partake of a shared aesthetic signature that marks them as members of the Blancpain family.

In the field of equipment of its watches, Blancpain also makes avant-garde innovations. The Manufacture has registered a number of world patents, such as the system of correctors under the horns, as well as a completely original stone-setting technique.


Blancpain itself makes a high proportion of the components of their movements. This control ensures the quality of its watches and its creative freedom. Plates, bridges, oscillating weights or date discs, we make almost all the parts that compose our calibres. This independence is made possible by the technical capacities of the teams that work in our Manufacture au Sentier.

The most complex watchmaking components can require up to 50 different manufacturing operations before they are assembled. Some components are no thicker than a hair: 0.05 mm. For the production of its components, Blancpain possesses a fund of human and technical skill of the first order. For example, only the stamping technicians are capable of designing and maintaining the stamping dies use to cut out the parts. Since professional training courses for this trade, which is specific to watchmaking, no longer exist today, we train these specialists ourselves. In this way, we preserve traditions of craftsmanship.


Every Blancpain watch is assembled entirely by hand in our workshops by a single watchmaker, respecting the tradition of the watchmaker’s craft. The assembly of a watch is a process in which every move has to be perfect: not the slightest shortcoming can be tolerated at any stage. The watchmakers start by assembling and regulating the movement, before equipping it with a dial, hands, a case and a strap or bracelet.

Each movement is assembled one part after another, a task that demands absolute precision. There is no place for a modern production line in the workshops of Le Brassus. Blancpain is one of the few Manufactures where the watchmakers still assemble each movement by hand from beginning to end. Manual assembly of parts that can be as thin as a hair testify to the level of dexterity attained by our craftsmen.

After the movement is assembled, all the different components of the watch are put together: the dial and hands are fixed, the various functions are regulated, the calibre is cased up and the strap is fitted. Every step requires concentrated attention and the most meticulous care.