Geneva Watch Days 2021





Bulgari is a dense, rich and extensive world. Its creations speak a universal language, reaching beyond gender, style and differences, as expressed by the new models presented by the Maison at the Geneva Watch Days. Men’s, women’s, complications and jewellery creations all represent an open invitation to travel.

Travel is indeed highlighted in the truest sense of the term with the Octo Roma WorldTimer, which jumps at a glance from one time zone to another. The wings of the Octo Roma Papillon Tourbillon take flight on the highly original dial display, while the Roman jeweller takes women on an emotional and dreamlike journey with the enchanting Divina Mosaica Minute Repeater and its Divina sisters, which explore Bulgari’s Roman roots and its mastery of both jewellery and watchmaking.

The journey would be incomplete if it did not include a reminder of a universal creature, known to all for decades. It appears on the dial, using its arms to signal the time. Enter the new Gerald Genta Arena Retrogade with smiling Disney Mickey Mouse!

Bulgari invites you to embark on a journey of discovery into a world where the only limits are set by extreme creativity.









From Rome to the world. The Octo Roma WorldTimer is ready to take on the globe. This creation, driven by a new integrated movement, renews the genre of a classic function and propels it into the contemporary world.

The function is a classic watchmaking must-have. The WorldTimer is both fundamental and eminently useful in an age when travelling from one end of the planet to the other can be done as easily and quickly as shopping! Attired in the Octo Roma case, it renews the genre enabling it to project itself into the contemporary world by playing with temporal boundaries.

The Octo Roma WorldTimer is designed for globetrotters: it enables instant reading of the time in 24 cities, i.e. in 24 time zones. From Rome to Samoa, Anchorage or Cape Verde, no place on the planet can escape it when it comes to knowing the local time in relation to the time at home.

This new version of the world time function joining the Octo Roma collection is driven by a new integrated movement comprising 261 components, developed and produced by the Manufacture in Le Sentier. The layout of the dial information features a central display of the hours, minutes and seconds combined with a double rotating disc on the outer edge: one for the 24 reference cities and another with a 24-hour graduated scale. Together, they enable simple and instant reading of the time.



The functions are adjusted via the crown, first positioning the city of the chosen time zone at 12 o’clock, then setting the time until the hours and minutes hands indicate the exact time in the selected time zone – while taking care to ensure that the 24-hour indicator corresponds to the afore-mentioned chosen time zone. Once completed, these quick operations enable a reading of time in all time zones.

The Octo Roma WorldTimer aims to travel the world in the Bulgari spirit. This means for example choosing to represent the Caribbean not by Bermuda but instead St. Barts: a super-cool destination embodying the heart of luxury in the region. It also involves highlighting certain cities where Bulgari has a hotel or plans to open one. The elegantly understated model with its instantly recognisable 41 mm case has established itself within a few short years as one of the most emblematic and timeless models of 21st century Haute Horlogerie.

Available in satin-brushed and polished stainless steel, or in a black steel livery with sandblasted surfaces, the 58-faceted model is ready to take on the globe.











Octo Roma Central Tourbillon Papillon offers an original reading of time that is unique in the field of horological complications

The flight of a lepidopteran can cause a flutter. While complex in terms of its construction, the new Octo Roma Central Tourbillon Papillon offers infinite simplicity in the reading of the hours and minutes.

A metaphor inspired by the flight of the butterfly and unique in the world of Haute Horlogerie, this mechanism carries two independent retractable diamond-shaped hands positioned on a supporting disc. Each runs in turn along a 180-degree semi-circular minute track. While the jumping hour appears in the window located at 12 o’clock, the minutes are indicated successively by each of the two hands. The first is positioned on the segment and thus signals the progression of the minutes, while the other remains in a retracted position throughout the path of the disc carrying them.



When the first hand reaches the 55th minute on the display segment, the other hand will gradually make a quarter turn to take a position parallel to the first on the 00-minute indication. The first hand will then move to the retracted position for the next 55 minutes.  

Bulgari goes even further by associating the most prestigious of horological complications with its Papillon patent. The new Octo Roma Central Tourbillon Papillon features this high-precision mechanism integrated into the heart of the watch with a 24-hour jumping hour display by means of a disc on a ceramic ball bearing via an aperture located at 12 o’clock.  At the end of the 60 minutes indicated by one of the “butterfly” hands, the disc jumps to display the new time in the aperture.

The advantage of the Papillon device is that it consumes less energy than the traditional minutes display, which has a positive impact on the power reserve. The sophisticated workings of this model are driven by a hand-wound mechanical Manufacture movement, Calibre BVL 332, entirely designed and assembled in the finest tradition by the master-watchmakers of the Manufacture Bulgari. It features a 60-hour power-reserve indication on the back of the rose gold Octo Roma case.











Three new creations go back in time to the splendour of the Roman Empire, Bulgari’s source of inspiration and historical roots

It can be aptly described as pure sublimation of both the jewellery and the watchmaking arts, as well as a return to the origins of the Roman Maison – to which it pays tribute by journeying back in time to the roots of Bulgari, to the Rome that is home to the Baths of Caracalla and its fan-paved floors. The motif can is picked up on the full-set dial of the three new Divina Mosaica models.



Divina combines elegance, craftsmanship and history. Its refined shapes open up all manner of possibilities including High Jewellery and horological complications. Divina Mosaica Minute Repeater sparkles with its mechanical performance, beating to the rhythm of the world’s thinnest striking movement, housed in a white gold case by the jewellers of the Roman company and concealed beneath a dial artistically set with diamonds arranged in a fan shape.



The Divina Mosaica Minute Repeater, whose appearance betrays nothing of its ability to tell the time in music, chimes a crystal-clear melody on demand by activating the dedicated slide in the form of a gemset lucky charm that whirls in step with the owner’s movements, lending a rare sophistication to the passing of time.



This enchantingly refined timepiece is graced with a harmoniously designed 37 mm-diameter white gold case featuring voluptuously curved lugs accentuated by brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds. Embodying a jewellery spirit and part of a collection that has consistently demonstrated impeccable craftsmanship and elegance through a rich variety of interpretations, the Divina Mosaica Minute Repeater naturally required a dial worthy of its noble stature. Set with brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds, this mosaic of diamonds is the bejewelled embodiment of a watchmaking miracle whose magic takes on true meaning through rarity.

Divina Mosaica is also capable of playing on chromatic contrasts, treating the fan motif to a variety of colours, with a dial alternating between baguette-cut gems such as diamonds and green tsavorites or pink sapphires. The case, bezel and lugs mirror this aesthetic, also alternating between these two colour combinations to offer a graceful, elegant overall result.











Malachite, lapis lazuli and gold: perfect combinations and proportions

The theme of the fan – the motif found on the Roman floors of the Caracalla thermal baths and which is the aesthetic signature of the Divas’ Dream collection – has been given a new interpretation. Two opulent and elegant new models combine the soft tones of rose gold with the green of malachite and the blue of lapis lazuli. The combination means these Divas’ Dreams inevitably capture attention with their serene and uncompromising refinement.



The Divas’ Dream collection is endowed with a simple yet strong graphic identity: the round case and its fan-shaped lugs take us back to the Roman imperial era, a founding theme dear to Bulgari. It offers an infinite range of possibilities for the Roman jeweller, which gives free rein to its expression of refinement and elegance, while remaining within the limits of combinations and perfect proportions.

The two new Divas’ Dreams are very Roman in style with the flowing style of their comfortable bracelet, composed of precious fan-shaped links. Set alternately, they offer a new vision imbued with seductive glamour while offering a constant reminder of the Caracalla mosaics. While gold and diamonds make a statement at first glance, their lapis lazuli and malachite dials further enhance their rich and precious nature.

Sensual and feminine, they draw and hold every gaze, mirroring the aura of the Divas gracing the finest hours of the Dolce Vita era.







Flashback with this iconic figure that has become a signature of the Gerald Genta brand

Universally known, Disney’s Mickey Mouse has continued to delight millions of children and adults for over 90 years. This year, Gerald Genta and Disney’s Mickey Mouse is back with the new Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde with smiling Disney Mickey Mouse.

The latest model is a joyful, playful watchmaking classic. Featuring Disney’s most iconic mouse, the design has become a signature offering of the Gerald Genta brand and the models have become highly sought-after collectors’ items, disruptive and original.



Gerald Genta has been owned by the Bulgari Group since 2000. The limited edition platinum commemorative version of the brand’s 50th anniversary presented in 2019 was followed in 2020 by a new titanium addition to the Arena collection.

In 2021 the brand is introducing Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde with smiling Disney Mickey Mouse, marking the return of the mischievous mouse. The brand is also developing a new website that will be the rallying point for the community of Gerald Genta fans around the world.

The new model is in every way faithful to the spirit and soul of the brand. The famous mouse appears to be leaping onto the rhodium-plated sunray dial. Its left arm indicates the minutes on a 210-degree retrograde sector meanwhile the jumping hour appears at 5 o’clock.

This automatic mono-retrograde movement has a 42-hour power reserve, housed in the distinctive historical 41 mm-diameter Gerald Genta Arena round polished stainless steel case.

Gerald Genta Arena Retrograde with smiling Disney Mickey Mouse will be limited edition with 150-pieces available globally.