Watches & Wonders 2022: Hublot

From 30 March to 5 April 2022, Geneva will be the epicenter of the watchmaking world for the first physical event of Watches and Wonders Geneva. This year, Hublot will be showcasing unique watches that have been created by the Nyon manufacture’s mastery of materials and design: the Art of Fusion.





Hublot unveils its own interpretation of the square watch, a totally new geometry for the watchmaker. Inspired by the Maison’s iconic Big Bang, this Square Bang Unico adds a new pillar, ‘The Shaped Collection’ to sit alongside the Spirit of Big Bang.


Hublot Square Bang Unico


The square watch is a very specific object that most watchmakers dare not tackle. This is a divisive, disruptive, and unconventional shape that no one has known how to rework for decades: it was just waiting for us! Hublot decided to get to grips with the shape in order to explore its power and create a totally unique time piece.

Like any Hublot, the Square Bang Unico has no equivalent!

       Ricardo Guadalupe



Is there anything that has not been explored in watchmaking? This is the question that Hublot’s R&D department asks itself every day. When you have created the most resistant materials, set up the craziest of partnerships and developed extraordinary complications, the answer is often very simply… In the shape. Hublot currently masters three: a round watch, a barrel-shaped watch, and the MPs, those ‘Master Pieces’ have that have broken free from all conventions.

Today, a fourth shape has been created: the square. Its geometry bewitched Hublot because of the challenges it sets. First, the movement. Since every calibre has the wheel as its basic component, it therefore needs a round movement. If you are to place a round movement harmoniously in a square case, this requires a very specific style. This is why most watchmakers hide their movement, to give the illusion of using a shaped movement or because they have failed to find a consistent aesthetic style.

Hublot decided to take a radically different direction: the watchmaker hides nothing of its own, in-house Unico movement, the pride of the Nyon watchmakers and the beating heart of most of its designs for over 10 years. The chronograph has a column wheel visible at 6 o’ clock, while its bicompax display dispenses with a dial, to reveal its secret inner workings.

The second challenge was the modular construction of the case, designed in line with Hublot’s DNA, with a central housing dressed with an upper and lower plate to enable a myriad of combinations and transformations. But this time, it is square in shape, and therefore much more difficult to make water resistant – Hublot pulls off the challenge with a guaranteed water resistance to 100 metres. The size of the case is also an important factor to ensure this model is perfectly ergonomic, providing comfort on the wrist very similar to that of the 42 mm Big Bang. Its pedigree from the brand’s icon can be seen in countless details.

First of all, there is the sandwich construction of its dial, which gives it different levels of depth and a highly architectural feel. As with the Big Bang, the Square Bang Unico’s dial makes extensive use of sapphire to give a clear view of the Unico movement, and also reuses the same hands.

Next, we find the six (functional) screws on the bezel, placed at exactly the same places as on the Big Bang. On either side of the Square Bang, you find the ‘ears’ from the Big Bang’s case, giving balance to the design while protecting the case. For the strap, in addition to the much appreciated One Click system of the Big Bang and its textured rubber, the two screws are fixed in the middle as an attachment. Finally, the Square Bang uses the same materials as its predecessor, including titanium, ceramic and King Gold, not to mention the famous ‘All Black’ finish.

Lastly, a new strap decorated with ‘chocolate squares’ further emphasises the Square Bang’s identity. Thanks to its interchangeable (One Click) system you can change the look of your watch in one click with an impressive range of Rubber, Alligator and soon soft-touch leather straps.

Five 42 mm models are already available. The first three are in solid titanium, black ceramic or King Gold. The last two blend titanium or King Gold with a black ceramic bezel. Each model comes with a black rubber strap and a folding clasp in the same material as the case. These original designs beat to the rhythm of the HUB1280 Unico Manufacture movement, a 354-component automatic chronograph, set at 4 Hz (28,800 vib/h).

As is customary at Hublot, the finishing is uncompromising and has a very modern feel: polished and sandblasted screws, over-moulded rubber crown, push-pieces decorated with rubber ‘chocolate squares’, polished satin bottom and rhodium-plated or 5N gold-plated hands, depending on the model. The crown comes in over-moulded rubber. The textured pattern of the strap was created especially for the Square Bang. It includes four rows (like the four sides of the case) of raised squares (like the bezel on the case).


All black: the collector edition limited to 250 copies
If you had to choose just one, it would be this one: the ‘Square Bang Unico All Black’. Like all the All Blacks, only 250 pieces will be made – in fact, it will be the only limited edition of the Square Bang Unico collection.

More than 15 years after its invention, the All Black livery once again proves its versatility and power. This is clearly showcased in its new incarnation as Square Bang Unico. Whether it is the case, bezel, push-pieces, strap, plate or hour markers: black is present on all the surfaces while polished or satin-finishes alternate to reveal subtle shades which are for the owner’s eyes only. Ceramic and titanium meet, harmonise and merge. A rare design, for collectors who prefer to take the path less travelled.






A new frontier is reached in the art of sapphire


Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Purple Sapphire


Continuity, perseverance. Innovation is not about launching isolated products, but rather being able to sustain a range over the long term with a consistent level of quality, while continuing to explore new frontiers. This is what we have been doing since 2016 with the first Big Bangs in a sapphire case. This Purple Sapphire version is the latest chapter and is once again a world first!

       Ricardo Guadalupe



With the new Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Purple Sapphire, the Nyon watchmaker unveils an exclusive version of synthetic sapphire, a world first, and a completely new colour in the field of fine watchmaking: translucent purple.

More than just a colour, this new version is nothing but revelatory. It reveals a watchmaker tirelessly pursuing its Research & Development which has made it one of the leading and most disruptive watch brands of the new millennium. Each new colour is the result of a very subtle alchemy in order to combine a powerful, expressive and precise shade, which is at the same time translucent and perfectly homogeneous within the mass of a highly-complex case. This new purple tint is a composite made of Al₂O₃ (aluminium oxyde) and chrome.

It also reveals a vision, a spark: one in which the doors of tomorrow’s watchmaking techniques are opened today. By combining a traditional complication (the tourbillon) with a disruptive material (sapphire) in a totally exclusive colour, Hublot reaffirms its motto: to be first, unique and different. The watchmaker breaks down all the barriers between tradition and modernity to merge substance and form, style and technique. The new Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Purple Sapphire does the unthinkable: when wearing its Tourbillon next to the skin, you have the sensation of a completely translucent case that reveals every detail.

The case and movement blend together so seamlessly because their manufacturing processes are equally exacting. For the case, Hublot has the most extensive experience working with sapphire in the watchmaking industry. The Big Bang Unico Sapphire (transparent), All Black Sapphire, Big Bang Unico Red Sapphire and Blue Sapphire, Spirit of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire, or the latest Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire, have all been milestones in designing the new Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Purple Sapphire. The translucent bezel and case in finely polished purple sapphire are complemented by six H-shaped titanium screws that are so specific to the iconic Big Bang design.

When it comes to the movement, Hublot can capitalise on fifteen years of developing its Tourbillon – the first was launched in 2007. Through this experience, Hublot is now able to offer a self-winding tourbillon (the norm being manual tourbillons), with three full days of power reserve (72 hours). Its winding system uses ceramic ball bearings. Rather than achieving this with a traditional oscillating weight, it uses a micro-rotor perfectly inserted into the heart of the calibre: a much more demanding technical choice which gives a clear view of the whole movement. Placed at 12 o’clock – a virtually unprecedented position in watchmaking – this micro-rotor also provides a fine aesthetic balance with the tourbillon located at 6 o’clock, which shares the same proportions.

The airy effect of the movement is accentuated by a fine skeletonised and sandblasted plate. The tourbillon carriage at 6 o’clock, which turns on itself in one minute, is remarkable for its refined geometry, letting you plunge into the heart of the mechanism. The visibility of the open dial is enhanced by hands and hour markers highlighted by a luminescent coating. The transparent purple rubber strap with lined relief – featuring the patented One Click express interchangeability system and titanium folding clasp – completes the avant-garde style of this limited edition of 50 pieces.






A Big Bang Integral Ceramic in its element. Integral fusion: monobloc, monomaterial, monochrome. What makes this piece integral? Firstly, its monobloc architecture with the bracelet integrated into the case, secondly, it is monomaterial –made from ceramic– and thirdly, its 4 new monochrome colourways –blue indigo, sky blue, sand beige and jungle green.


Are you ready for the journey?


Hublot Big Bang Integral Ceramic


An integral watch – that’s a challenge! It’s also one of the most worn watches… An integral ceramic watch, that’s a double challenge and a rarity, a distinctive piece. The bracelet itself is composed of 22 ceramic elements each requiring a special tool, mould and process… The UNICO V2 is a manufacture chronograph movement which is built from scratch – there are only a few of these on the market. It offers a 72-hour power reserve, which is also quite rare and its chronometric precision is tried-and-tested… giving all the more rarity and distinction to the piece.”

       Ricardo Guadalupe

Hublot CEO


In 2020 – 15 years after its launch – the Big Bang was launched in a version with an integrated bracelet. An integrated architecture for integral fusion. A strong aesthetic for a timepiece with clearly defined lines, fully integrated in ceramic, with the exception of the composite lugs, pushers and crown overmoulded with rubber.

Thanks to its innovation, Hublot has pushed the boundaries of ceramic, by increasing the hardness and scratch resistance of this material and enhancing the intensity of its colour while retaining its lightness, making it a delight to wear thanks to its low thermal conductivity and its hypoallergenic quality.

With this Hublot ceramic, the Big Bang Integral is in its element, bringing 4 new monochrome shades to the collection. Each available in a limited edition of 250 pieces, there are 4 colourways which represent the elements of WATER, EARTH and WOOD. Taking you on a journey around the world. An indigo blue from the Majorelle Garden and the streets of Chefchaouen in Morocco, and the Blue City of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. An sky blue from the South Seas. A sand beige from the deserts, and from the beaches of the Caribbean. And a jungle green from the tropical forests.

All packed in a 42-mm case, ready to take you on a non-stop 72-hour journey tracked by the UNICO V2 manufacture movement. The piece is equipped with the HUB1280 calibre featuring a slimmer design, new architecture, easier assembly and enhanced legibility and functionality. It also boasts an integrated bracelet featuring 3 bevelled and chamfered links with polished and satin-finished surfaces. The unique design of the Big Bang Integral Ceramic is set off to stunning effect by these colours and finishes.






After five years of collaboration, Hublot and Richard Orlinski are unveiling the missing link of their shared collection: a series of watches adorned with a new metallic bracelet using the facets of the French artist’s famous sculptures.


Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet


When Hublot unveiled the first watch sculpted by Richard Orlinski in Miami in December 2017, the public reaction was unanimous: this was the first ever Orlinski artwork to tell the time! Since the launch of the first model, the Swiss watchmaker and Richard Orlinski have given life to a collection of watches displaying the angular style typical of the French artist’s work.

Richard Orlinski is a member of the Hublot Loves Art family in the same way as Shepard Fairey, Maxime Plescia-Buchi, Marc Ferrero and Takashi Murakami, and he can pride himself on being the bestselling contemporary French artist in the world.

Hublot and Richard Orlinski are now beginning a new phase in their partnership by presenting four versions of the Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet fitted with a new integrated metallic bracelet. Every watchmaker knows that it is a tremendous challenge to design this type of bracelet. You must ensure that the bracelet is correctly integrated mechanically and aesthetically to the watch case and that it can comfortably adapt to every morphology. Hublot’s engineers have displayed all their technical expertise in making a watch whose corners, bevelled edges and facets define the character of the case, bevel, crown, and a metallic bracelet whose architecture is bevelled and faceted in titanium and composed of 83 parts.

Inspired by Richard Orlinski’s sculptures, its chamfered forms play with the reflections of its mirror-polished facets. The H-shaped links recall the Hublot logo.
This new bracelet attaches to the watch case, on which the facets extend. With a 40 mm diameter, it suits all wrists and all genders.

Its polished titanium case encloses a HUB1100 movement, a self-winding calibre with a power reserve of 42 hours. Its dial comes in a choice of black or white ceramic and displays the angular facets so unique to Richard Orlinski.

Like a jewelled piece of art, a partially pave set version of the Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet watch is also available, adorned by its new matching bracelet. Playing with shade and light, certain facets on the case, bezel and bracelet are adorned with diamonds, totalling a weight of 3.79 carats.

When time makes art, when art makes time!
Hublot Loves Art!


As a sculptor, expressing my art on a watch with only a few centimetres of diameter as a canvas was a real challenge. This creation on the entire bracelet made it significantly more complicated for the engineers at the manufacture. Yet, thanks to the unparalleled technical know-how of my partners at Hublot, we were able to carry out the mission.

       Richard Orlinski

Hublot Ambassador


When we presented the fruit of our first collaboration five years ago, it was hard to imagine that Richard’s creations would now constitute an entire collection of our Hublot watches. As the ultimate technical triumph, together we have successfully developed an integrated metal bracelet, thus extending Richard’s art around the entire wrist.

       Ricardo Guadalupe

Hublot CEO