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Watchmaking Excellence

Every timepiece that leaves Carl F. Bucherer’s manufacture is a miniature work of art. Hundreds of components seamlessly combine to make a Carl F. Bucherer watch a masterpiece of the fine art of watchmaking. Every timepiece has its own beating heart – the movement –, which is the quintessence of innovation, precision, and beauty. Today, Carl F. Bucherer is one of Switzerland’s leading watch manufacturers, developing outstanding mechanical movements and watches in its own manufacture in Lengnau, Switzerland.


Watchmaker looking at watch


T3000 Outstanding Accuracy

The CFB T3000 manufacture caliber, comprising 189 individual parts, stands out because of its exceptionalaccuracy and first-class precision, making it one of the few currently manufactured tourbillon movements to officially be chronometer certified. This is achieved, in no small part, by its especially precise adjustment system. As is the case with the CFB A2000 manufacture caliber, the watchmakers of Carl F. Bucherer chose to create a completely free-breathing balance spring that remains unchanged in its effective length. The movements are adjusted entirely via eccentric screws or masselottes. These are small screws that are mounted externally on the balance wheel and with which the inertia of the balance can be regulated. To ensure the highest level of stability, the balance oscillates at a frequency of 3 hertz or 21,600 beats per hour. The escapement, i.e. the pallet and escape wheel, is made from silicon, reducing friction and allowing the system to operate without lubrication. This increases the power reserve to at least 65 hours and ensures that the movement is not negatively impacted by magnetic fields. A further distinctive feature is the stop-seconds function, which allows for the rotation of the tourbillon cage to be stopped. This means the watch can be synchronized with a standard time and thus set to the second.


Carl F. Bucherer T3000 Movement


A Versatile Driving Force

The CFB A2000 is a universally applicable movement. Its basic structure was designed so that it can be incorporated into further future models. Its impressive rotation momentum predestines this automatic movement as a driving force to a wide range of additional functions under progress in the watchmakers own development workshops. This new movement makes its debut in the new Manero Peripheral. Here, the first member of the new movement family ticks into action with the caliber CFB A2050, providing the following indications: Hours, minutes, small seconds, and the date at 3 o’clock.


Carl F. Bucherer CFB A2000 Movement


A Movement For A New Age

This Manufacture movement goes back to the basic decision to add a new facet to the multifarious Carl F. Bucherer watch collection that would demand the highest level of technical expertise and craftsmanship. Putting the company’s philosophy into practice on a broad scale literally meant it had to create its own watch move-ments. From the very start, the company expressly ruled out the idea of copying an existing movement that was no longer protected by patent. And it soon decided to go ahead with a revolutionary new automatic movement with unique design features.

Another of the automatic movement’s outstanding features is the efficiency of the self-winding mechanism. The rotor supplies energy when turning in either direction. The rotor’s movements are polarized by a low-loss winding system. It consists of two clutch wheels with eccentrically mounted clamp rollers. The pair of wheels spring into action reciprocally and are not only simple in design but also very reliable.


Carl F. Bucherer CFB A1000 Movement