Roland Iten Luxury Watches

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Brand Heritage

Roland Iten Brand History

By utilizing the high precision mechanics capability of an industry previously reserved for making only finely crafted Swiss watches, the Roland Iten Mechanical Luxury Company has pioneered a new segment in the high men's jewellery sector which it calls Haute Mechanic for Gentlemen™. The Roland Iten brand is all about discovery and the man behind the marque in his own name, creates the finest, most complex men’s accessories in the world – designed, crafted and finished like a high-end Swiss watch. Roland Iten’s creations are inspired by the mechanical age of the aeroplane and the steam engine. His passion for mechanical objects and his keen eye for design enables him to liberate mundane objects into the world of precision engineering, and in doing so, he has produced exceptional creations. He brings extraordinary character to belts, cufflinks and other men's accessories, transforming them into precision perfect, mechanically performing objects that function with complete finesse. Until Roland Iten designed the world's first complicated mechanical belt buckle in 2003, men had very little choice in wearable mechanics. He has single-handedly changed the market for men's accessories by offering the 'little boy' in all men – well-made, high value, and whimsical creations that solve problems most men didn't even know they had. Every artisan and technician that works on a Roland Iten product is extremely skilled. The pieces and parts have to fit together exactly, with the highest quality and finishing. All collection pieces are 100% made in Switzerland and based upon patented mechanisms ensuring and protecting brand value. Only the finest materials and world class Swiss watch manufacturing practices are utilized to ensure outstanding craftsmanship. This distinct standard resonates throughout the company and its selected partners. Their artisans hand finish each piece, combining precious metals such as platinum, gold, titanium and precious stones. Each piece is released within a limited and numbered series, carries an individual serial number which provides a record of both origin and authenticity and is issued with a hand-signed certificate by Roland Iten.