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Beverly Hills Watch Store

Shop Luxury Watches in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive

A luxury watch is more than just a way to keep time. After all, there are plenty of devices you carry with you each day that will tell you what the hour is, from your phone to your tablet. Luxury watches are about more than mere chronology; they’re about lifestyle. With the right watch, you can emanate taste, sophistication, and style. You can carry a piece of true elegance everywhere you go, lovingly affixed to your wrist.

Westime has been Southern California’s leading watch store for decades—and we’ve maintained that designation because we understand we’re not just selling watches. Our clients come to us for a luxury lifestyle, and we’re eager to provide it.

Our watch boutique in Beverly Hills in the famous Rodeo Drive shopping area is a prime example of what we’re talking about. The shop itself is an experience, and the watches we are authorized to carry are ones you won’t find anywhere else in town. Indeed, we’re proud to offer some of the top Swiss watch brands, and all the refinement that goes with them.

Find out more about the watches we offer—and the lifestyle we embody. Visit us in our Beverly Hills watch boutique today.

Phone number:
(310) 879-5546

206 North Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Sat: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: 12pm - 5pm


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About our Beverly Hills Watch Store

Westime has been well-established since 1987—and in that time, we’ve risen to become the foremost luxury watch boutique in the Southern California area. Currently, we boast locations in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, La Jolla, and Malibu. Our Beverly Hills location can be found on North Rodeo Drive, near the corner of Wilshire.

By stepping into any one of these locations, you step into a truly rarified space—one where you can comfortably browse for some of the world’s top lifestyle products. This includes more than 50 Swiss watch brands, among them numerous limited editions. Jewelry and other accessories are also readily on offer.

Moreover, Westime is a reputable member of the local community, and we have proudly given back by supporting worthy charities and non-profits in Beverly Hills and the surrounding area.

That’s all part of what it means to us to be purveyors of a luxury lifestyle. We are always glad to speak with clients about what makes our products special, and invite you to come do some luxury lifestyle shopping at our Beverly Hills watch boutique today. Come to the Westime watch store at your next convenience, and see for yourself what a luxury lifestyle can look like.

Watch Brands we Carry

Our watch boutique in Beverly Hills boasts more than 50 Swiss watch brands, representing the absolute best in traditional watchmaking. Again, these aren’t mere time-keepers. Each watch is a tiny work of art, and an embodiment of huge artisanal talents from the world’s foremost watchmakers.

Westime is proud to be an authorized dealer for several leading brands, among them:

Each of these popular luxury brands conveys that luxury lifestyle that our clients crave—and that’s just the beginning. Westime is also proud to offer a number of truly one-of-a-kind products, such as limited-edition watches and collectors’ items. Plus, we furnish our clients with invaluable accessories, designed to enhance and reflect the prestige of those beautiful watches.

The best way to see for yourself which luxury watch fits your personal sense of style is to visit the Westime watch boutique today. See our entire showcase of luxury watches, and discover what’s made us the top local watch store since 1987.

Beverly Hills Luxury Lifestyle Shopping

Maintaining a luxury lifestyle is about more than what you wear on your wrist, of course—and though Westime will always be a watch boutique first and foremost, we’re proud to also offer myriad ways to accessorize your lifestyle.

Our luxury lifestyle shopping options are numerous. Once again, we are proud to be authorized distributors for popular brands, among them:

The lifestyle products we offer at our Beverly Hills boutique include a number of elegant yet secure luxury safes; extravagant cases to house your luxury watch collection; exquisite cufflinks and jewelry; regal wine cases; and beyond.

These are all products designed to accomplish multiple things at once. Of course, all are meant to be functional, and many can rightly be called state-of-the-art. At the same time, they are works of art in and of themselves, designed to reflect your luxury lifestyle.

Find the lifestyle products that best for your tastes; schedule a time to come see any one of these dazzling items in Westime’s Beverly Hills location.